Things not to buy on Saturday

Things not to buy on Saturday

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People have different beliefs and faith. They also take into consideration the days when they buy some things. Saturday is the day of Shani and hence, People usually avoid doing certain things on this day.  

Following are the items one should avoid buying or bringing home on Saturdays-

  • Iron

Buying iron is not at all considered auspicious on Saturday’s As It is a sign of Bad Luck. If done so it affects the relationships with family members. buying iron things on Saturdays can also turn out to be harmful. Instead, donate iron things as it is considered to be auspicious. It helps to get rid of troubles and obstacles in life. It also helps in increasing business and wealth.  
  • Oil

As Oil brings Sickness one should Not buy Mustard oil or Vegetable oil on Saturdays. Buying oil on Saturday will lead to health-related issues. To donate food to the poor made of mustard oil as it helps to improve health problems.  
  • Salt

Salt is a sign of Financial Debts while buying salt on Saturday will not be beneficial for financial condition. It will also create health-related problems. Do not donate or touch any item made from salt. Intake of fruits such as bananas, mangoes, watermelon will be beneficial.  
  • Broom

Buying broom on Saturday brings Poverty. As broom decreases negative energy from home and creates a positive atmosphere inside the house. On Saturdays and Tuesdays, it is recommended not to do so. One should also avoid cleaning the home with a broom on Saturday.  
  • Ink

As the ink is a sign of Failure, Buying Ink on Saturdays will not be favorable for study and career. It is highly recommended for students who are preparing for exams not to use it but ink on Saturday. One should avoid filling any important form or agreement with the blue colored ink on Saturday.  


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