Planets and health in astrology

Planets And Health In Astrology

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In today’s world, it is common for people to experience health problems. While there are many causes of health problems, astrology can help to identify the underlying astrological factors that may be contributing to a person’s health challenges. Once these factors are identified, astrological remedies can be used to address them and improve the person’s overall health.

Here are some of the astrological solutions that can be used to overcome the bad impact of the planets on your health:

  • Weak Sun

  1. Consume a glass of water with sugar in it before staring your career or studies.
  2. Regularly Feed cows with wheat and jaggery.
  3. Chant Gayatri Mantra daily in order to please the sun.
  4. Wearing Ruby is also considered excellent for a weak Sun.
  • Weak Mercury

  1. Try to Avoid green color.
  2. Wear a steel ring mainly the stainless one.
  3. Also Wearing a saffron tilak can help to please the planet mercury.
  4. Donating rice and milk at temples will also be beneficial.
  • Weak Saturn

  1. Donate footwear to the needy people.
  2. Help blind people is also a remedy for weak Saturn.
  3. Try to avoid Drinking buffalo’s milk.
  4. Donating black Urad dal to the needy will also be beneficial to please planet Saturn.
  • Weak Rahu

  1. Have a habit to Consume coconut in any form.
  2. Try to avoid consuming leftover food or stale food.
  3. Drinking sharbat made out of pure sandalwood will also be helpful in pleasing planet Rahu.
  • Weak Ketu

  1. Keeping a silver pot with honey  will be beneficial for the same.
  2. Have a habit of Carrying a silver ball all the time.
  3. Wearing anything made from gold will help to please Planet Ketu.
  4. Donate checked blankets to the needy will surely going to make the difference.
  • Weak Jupiter

  1. Wearing gold jewelry can help to
  2. Please Planet Jupiter.
  3. Help your siblings so as to reduce the effect of weak Jupiter.
  4. Help orphans and poor people more often
  • Weak Venus

  1. Regular Path of Durga Chalisa helps to please planet Venus.
  2. Use cow ghee at home and donate it in temples will surely going to make the difference.
  3. Worship Goddess Lakshmi regularly in order to cure weak Venus.
  • Weak Mars

  1. Control anger so as to strengthen Mars.
  2. Donate blood regularly as  per your body allows and make  sure you consult a health expert before proceeding with this remedy.
  3. Donate money to military personnel and farmers regularly.
  4. Offer water with some sugar to Sun to please Planet Mars.
  • Weak Moon

  1. Meditate regularly so as to cure Weak moon.
  2. Donate white clothes to the needy people.
  3. Wear silver Kada to please planet moon.
  4. Fasting on Monday can also help strengthen the Moon.

These are some of the highly beneficial remedies that one should adopt in order to tackle the problem. 


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