Money in horoscope

Money in horoscope

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Want to look for money in a horoscope?

Below are the planetary combinations and astrological laws that indicate the amount of wealth and luxuries in life.  

Principles of Astrology That Indicate Money in Horoscope-

  • A person gains a lot of money if the 2nd house in the horoscope is strong. Also, if the lord of the 2nd house is in a Kendra or a Trikona. It is an indication of great wealth & fortune.
  • The conjunction of Lord of the second house with Jupiter, Mercury, or Venus. It makes a person rich and popular.
  • The mutual exchange between the Lord of 1,2 and 11. It makes the individual rich.
  • The 4 planets in their own houses make the individual wealthy.
  • The conjunction of Moon and Mars produces a Yoga known as ‘Chandra Mangala Yoga’. It makes a person enormous wealth.
  • The planet Saturn in the 11th house with Mercury in Cancer makes a person very rich.
  • The planet Jupiter in Aquarius or Sun in the 5th house in Leo can give great fortunes to individuals.
  • Lord of the Lagna with a Kendra Lord makes a person rich.
  • The planet Saturn in Libra can make an individual moderately wealthy.
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