Eye blinking and Astrology

Eye blinking and Astrology

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Eye blinking is termed as when eyes start blinking because of disarray around the muscles of the eyes. It happens when eyes do not move for a long time or even months because of this eyes can get red. The Experts believe that there are some health reasons not superstition behind this. The reasons include lack of sleep, dry eyes, and intake of more caffeine can lead to this outcome.  

Eye blinking-

  • Right eye blinking

This indicates that the individual is very creative and imaginative. They have much-unused potential inside them. Your Companions or colleagues may remark on the excellent garments and energetic color you wear. This may be also an indication to pursue with your heart.  
  • Left eye blinking

If the left eye blinks, this indicates the stress of the past. It is also believed that if the left eye blinks this could be a message from God to quit agonizing over the individuals that abhorrence you for reasons unknown and only Concentrate on the good people.  

Astrological Reasons of Eye blinking-

  • The tearing of the eyes tells about the events that are happening in our life. Hence, this demonstrates a fortunate or unfortunate impact.
  • If the upper eyelid and eyebrows of the right eye of the men flare up, then it indicates that all their desires are fulfilled and there is the benefit of promotion and money, but if the upper eyelid and the eyebrow of the right eye of the women flare, then it is considered inauspicious.


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