Job Astrology & Report

Every year, millions of students graduate from college and enter the job market.

While some are lucky enough to find their dream job right away, many others face an uphill battle.

What is the reason behind it? When will get you a suitable job? What is in your fortune? Vedic Astrology will answer all these questions very effectively. So you will be in a position to make good and fast decisions in life and, would be stress-free.
Astro Sakha Team can help you plan your career while you find your period of high growth as well as periods of problems to plan your next move for a better and secure future.

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How Astro Sakha can Help You?

In today’s world, astrology is the best tool to reduce your problem in a very short duration of time. You have to give a little bit of information about yourself. We will analyze your Kundli very deeply. We will tell you about your past, present, and future status. We will discuss your problems then we will give you very easy and effective remedies (If needed) so that you can easily overcome your problems.

Questions you might want to ask!

  • Is there any Yog of job in Abroad?
  • When will I get a job?
  • Suitable area for success? (Change of career path, new work line)
  • Time of Promotion? (Delay in promotion & salary increment)
  • Which Job will be good for me? (Feeling stuck with your career)
  • Transfer related questions.
  • Why am I facing debts and losses?
  • When will my financial crisis over?
  • Which Drawbacks I should aware of?
  • I am suffering from a wealth problem when I would get better?
  • When will I get my own house or property?
  • Is there any Yog for doing business?
  • Which dasha (transit) I have right now, suggestion?
  • What about my luck factor?
  • Which gemstone is good for me?

Consultation Fee

Applicable for one kundli
2100/- One Time
  • One Hour Consultancy
  • Consultancy Report
  • Remedies Included
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