Remedies for nighmares

Remedies to overcome Nightmares

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Astrological Remedies to overcome Nightmares 

Many people have nightmares which makes them difficult to have a peaceful sleep. It happens to everyone and hence, should be considered normal.  Following are the remedies that will help to overcome nightmares and enjoy a sound sleep.  
  • Keeping a knife 

Sleeping with a knife on the head of your bed will help to overcome deadly dreams. One can also use any other sharp object instead of a knife. For example, use a fork spoon, scissors, or nail cutter as a sharp object. So, this will surely help you from nightmares.   
  • Use Yellow Rice

Use some yellow rice in a cloth and keep it under your pillow, it will help you to overcome nightmares. For turning the rice into yellow color, use turmeric or mix turmeric water. Also, this remedy will surely be going to make a difference.   
  • Use Cardamom 

Tie five small cardamoms in a cloth and put them at the head of your bed. So, this is one of the best astrological remedies and will help you get rid of the problem of frequent nightmares.  
  • Put Water in Copper Vessel

Keep water in a copper vessel near your bed will be beneficial to have a good night sleep. In the morning put the water in a pot or plant. This remedy will help to get rid of nightmares and sleeping problems. Hope this article is beneficial and will help to overcome all your nightmares or bad dreams at night.    Tags- astrology, nightmares, astrological benefits, benefits, remedies for nightmares, the problem of nightmares

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