Remedies For Mangal Dosh

Mangal Dosh and how can it be cured?

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Mangal Dosh and How It can be cured?

  Mangal or Mars represents happy marriage and relationship and hence, brings passion between the couple. When the planet Mars is not favorable then it brings destruction. Manglik Dosh is calculating during Kundali Milan before marriage. It is also known as Kuj Dosh, Bhaum Dosh, etc. A person having Mangal Dosha in the Kundli or horoscope is known as Manglik. If Mars is present in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house of the bride and groom in the birth chart then Mangal dosha occurs.  

Mangal Dosh- It’s effect

When Mars is in these four zodiac signs, it does not have any harmful effects- 
  • Aries
  • Cancer
  • Libra
  • Capricorn
  • When Mars is present in signs like Aries and Scorpio or a higher sign i.e. Capricorn, it doesn’t have any harmful impact and hence, cancels Mangal Dosh.
  • Whenever Mars is present in a low zodiac sign like Cancer it does not form Manglik Dosha.
  • When Moon is present in the center house of the birth chart, Mangal Dosha does not occur.
  • When Mars is in one of the following positions, then Mangal Dosh doesn’t occur-
  1. 1st house and Aries
  2.  4th house and Scorpio
  3. 7th House and Capricorn
  4.  8th house and Cancer or Aquarius
  5.  12th House and Sagittarius
Consulting the expert astrologer will help to solve all the problems related to Manglik Dosh. It has been found that there are about ten out of lakhs who are affecting by Mangal Dosh.   Tags- mangal dosha, Manglik dosha, mangal dosh, astrology, effects, expert astrologer, birth chart, horoscope, zodiac signs

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