Astrological remedies to solve problems in life

Astrological remedies to solve problems in life

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Astrological remedies to solve problems in life 


People face a lot of difficulties in their life and are unable to solve them. They want a solution to their problem so that it will reduce stress, depression, and pressure in their life. Astrological remedies or we can Totka helps people to reach to a simple solution which will be beneficial. 


Following are the problems which people face in day to day life- 


  • Related to work 

If you are unable to see progress in your work despite putting all your efforts, you should donate a bowl of rice to poor and needy people on Wednesday. The work in which you are facing difficulties will get completed and success will come your way.


  • Related to finance 

Put some red Chandan, rose petals, INR58, and Roli string and place them on a red cloth. Tie all the things in the red cloth and keep it in your office locker. In this way, All your problems related to finance will disappear. 


  • Related to business 

Place five lemons along with mustard and black pepper seeds in your shop or area of work. The next morning tie these things in a cloth and leave it on a lonely road. Do not turn your back and look at it. In this way, these remedies will solve all your business-related problems. 


  • Related to love 

Take a Banyan tree leaf. Write the name of the couple on it with the stick of sandalwood tree and Dip it in in Ganga Jal. Put the leaf in the bedroom of the couple. So, this remedy will help solve all the problems in their marriage. 


  • Related to debt 

Take flour mixed with jaggery and offer it to Lord Hanuman in Shukla Paksha.

You will notice that you can pay off your debts after doing this remedy. 


Try all these remedies and they will be a success. Even consulting an expert astrologer will help you overcome all the above problems.


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