Remedies for Child Behavior

Remedies For Child Behavior 

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The behavior of a child plays a very important role in his development. It mainly depends upon the upbringing along with the influence of planets and stars. As parents, it is extremely crucial to timely check the child’s behavior and correct it.  A good behavior leads to success in education or career. So, the child’s future mostly depends on the behavior. 

Reasons for Undesired Behavior of Child

Sometimes the child misbehaves and following are reasons astrology explains-

  • When there is presence of Mercury with Mars it causes stubbornness in kids.
  • When there is presence of Sun with Mars then the child can be stubborn. 
  • Mangal Ketu causes kids to misbehave. 
  • When there is Presence of Mangal with Rahu, kids show undesired behavior.

Astrological Remedies 

Astrology plays a significant role in knowing the reasons behind the child’s behavior. There some astrological remedies that will help parents to improve their child’s behavior. 

  • Chanting of Gayatri Mantra

Chanting Gayatri Mantra helps to create positive energy around the child. Hence, as a result child behaves in a desired manner.

  • Spending time with elders

This helps to strengthen the planet  Jupiter and is beneficial for parents in correcting the behavior.

  • Outdoor games

Playing outdoor games is beneficial in strengthening the planet Mars and hence child behaves in a very good manner.


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