Remedies For Court Cases

Remedies For Court Cases

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Sometimes the issues between the two parties go out of hand and they are unable to solve it. Hence, the case dragged to the court. Such a person can face a problems such as social disdain, family disgrace, financial crunch etc. With help of Astrology, a person can know about the court cases in his horoscope. Astrology can be helpful to reach to the solution. 

Houses related to Court cases

Legal cases arises because of certain planetary position in the horoscope.

  •  When 6th house is badly impacted by malefic planets
  • When 2nd house is in influence of malefic planets
  • Presence of Graha Yoga in the birth chart results in court cases
  • With of presence of weak planets sometimes causes court cases

Vastu Remedies 

Following are the Vaastu remedies for the individuals which faces court cases because of the unfavorable position of the planets-

  •  Never let any spider web to grow in your home as it creates a lot of negative energy.
  • When you enter your home, always wash your feet. It keeps the negative energy from the outside world stay out.
  • One should build a water fountain outside the entrance of the home as it is brings positive energy in your home. 
  • Putting the posters of animals is considered as a negative sign, so avoid doing so.
  • Wearing dark colors for court hearing helps in bringing the positive result. 

An expert astrologer advice regarding the issue of court case will be beneficial to reach to a rightful conclusion.


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