Yogs For Becoming Doctor

Yogs For Becoming Doctor

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Choosing a career is one of the difficult decisions and hence, it holds great importance. Parents and teachers plays a crucial role in child’s life while making an important decision for a lifetime i.e. choosing a career. There are a lot of career options but Doctor as a profession is an important choice as it is one of the reputed profession and requires a lot of hard work. 

Astrological Yogs

Astrological Yog will help a child in becoming a successful doctor. There are few points discussed below which will be very crucial-

  • The most important planets to get success in this field are Rahu and Shani.
  • If Rahu is present at the favorable planetary position, then the person becomes a surgeon.
  • When Mars or Ketu is present in 10th house then the chances are that a person becomes a specialized surgeon.
  • If Sagittarius, Leo, Scorpio or Aries are in relation with 10th house of the birth chart, then the individual experiences success in this field.
  • When the Planet Jupiter or Ketu are present in 10th house then chances of opting homeopathy are brighter.
  • If Sun and Saturn are present in 10th house then chances of becoming a dentist are bright.
  • If Sun, Venus and Jupiter are present in 10th House then chances of becoming a gynecologist are brighter.

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