Hotel and Restaurant Vastu tips

Hotel And Restaurant Vastu Tips

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Starting a business can be scary as everyone want it to be successful. Either starting a hotel or a Restaurant, Vastu tips will help to make it successful. On the other hand a lot of things such as choice of the site, place of kitchen, location of rooms etc are also beneficial for the growth and success of the business.

Following are some pointers that will help to make your business progressive and profitable.

Vastu for Restaurant-

  • Build the Restaurant on the ground floor and the entrance in north, east, or north-east directions only.
  • The Kitchen should be on ground floor and in the South-east corner.
  • Make sure the north and east portions are open when a building is constructed.
  • The construction of cash counters of the restaurant should be in south-west direction with elevated platforms.

Vastu for Lodge

  • The Southeast location in the room will be suitable for the ACs.
  • In the north-east direction Bore-well, swimming pool, water tank should be constructed.
  • Use northern and eastern sides for the construction of the balcony.
  • The hotel should be large and open.
  • The Generators and transformers installation in the southeast direction will also be beneficial as per Vastu Shastra.

Consult an expert astrologer while constructing the building as it will help the business to prosper. 

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