Remedies for Heart Disease

Remedies For Heart Disease

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Now a days, we people are more prone to heart diseases. Having bad eating habits and not taking care of our health is the main cause of suffering from heart problems. High blood pressure, cholesterol issue, heart attacks are hence related to heart problems.

Following are the medical astrology remedies for saving ourselves from the heart problems-

  • To keep your Planet moon in good position drink lot of water and meditate daily. This will surely help to maintain your health health and keep your blood pressure normal.
  • If planet Jupiter is not favorable it increases the body fat and hence, results in heart attach. Donating and sharing books will help to maintain Planet Jupiter in good position.
  • If 5th house is present in 6th house or 8th house then, a person faces heart related issues. Worshipping the 5th house will help to keep your heart healthy.
  • Wearing 1 face or 5 face Rudraksh will also help in overcome health related problems.
  • During 5-6 in the morning give water to Sun God daily. It will keep your heart away from any heart related problem.
  • Paying highest respect to your father, grandfather and anyone equal to them in your life. Their blessing will keep you away from the heart related issues.

Astrology can only suggest you good remedies to keep your heart healthy. One should frequently consult a doctor if facing any problems related to body or heart. 

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