Positivity In The House Vastu Tips

Positivity In The House Vastu Tips

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Home is one of the valuable and most beautiful possession. Even a house can have positive and negative influence on the lives of people residing there. These energy impact the body, mind and soul of the individuals. So, it’s important that positive energy took over the negative one.

Vastu Tips For Maintaining Positivity

Following are the Vaastu tips for maintaining positivity as it’s well said small things can bring big change in the life.

  • Make sure the placement of nameplate is outside your door. It is important as it describes the ownership of that house. As per astrologers, it brings positivity and opportunities to the people living there.
  • Make sure your house is clean and tidy. This indicates that no work of the individuals living in that house remains unfinished.
  • Never keep any medicines in your kitchen as it represents unhealthy body and mind. Store health and fresh food as it describes happiness and health.
  • Never place a mirror in your bedroom. If you have one then it should not be close to your bed. If it is placed close then cover it with a curtain or paper so that there is zero visibility.
  • As salt is an amazing healer, place salt at the corners in your house. It also reduces negative energy.
  • Always light lamps every morning and evening so as to keep all the negative energies away from your home.
  • Use calm colors on walls in your house. Place some happy pictures of you and your family on the walls as this will help strengthen relationship with your family.

Sometimes we are not aware about the small things that can make big difference either positivity or in negative sense. Following these Vaastu tips will surely going to help you to create positive energy in your house. 

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