Child Name and It’s significance

Child Name and It’s significance

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Most of the parents consider a few criteria in choosing the baby name and hence, make the process a long and difficult one. The uniqueness of the name, relevance to the name of father, mother, or siblings is some of the factors most parents consider. AstroSakha astrologers will help simplify your task of finding the apt baby name.  

Following are the tips on choosing baby names-

  • Life-long compatibility

The name of the child becomes his/her life-long companion and his/her identity in this world.  The child should feel it as a gift from his/her father and mother. It is recommended that the name should be of filial reality and never be the one with parental hopes or desires which in turn would become an unnecessary burden for the child.  
  • Uniqueness

Having a unique name is sure to make the child happy. Most of the parents wanted that their child’s name to be unique. The parents should have a clear understanding of the meaning of the name they choose. Otherwise, the child may feel it as a flaw in their personality or become a target for others to make fun of.  
  • Clarity

The name of the child must have clarity in hearing and reading. Having an odd name can make the child worry. So, the name being chosen should be easily understandable.  
  • Not long or complex

Various communities have their own distinct style of naming. They add the name of parents, family, or even the community to their child’s name. So, the name of the child should not be so long or complex.  
  • Starting alphabet

Nowadays, parents choose a baby name starting with the first alphabets like A or B. They believe that the name coming on top of the lists could be beneficial on certain occasions. But in certain cases like attending an interview, being on top of a list can make the child less fortunate too. Parents also choose a baby name that starts with the first letter of the father’s or mother’s name.  
  • Meaning

The most important thing to be considered regarding the name of the child is the ‘meaning’. Always look for a meaningful name for the child. Be aware of the exact meaning of the name you choose. Hence, If it has a funny or strange meaning, it may make the child feel ashamed.  
  • Fitting to the surname

Consider the surname while naming the baby. The recurring of the same alphabet in the beginning or end of the name or the end of the name and beginning of the surname can confuse and can be wrongly pronounced.  
  • Suggesting personality

Parents can’t exactly predict what kind of personality a child will exhibit when he/she grows. So, it’s the name that leaves first impressions that may last for a long time. Hence, expert astrologers at Astro Sakha will help you choose the right name for your new born.  


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