Astrology and Fasting

Astrology And Fasting

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In Hindu mythology, fasting is one of the most significant religious activity for achieving any desire or task. It also includes health, property issues, career, business, income and legal matters. Fasting is considered as a spiritual tool in Astrology. Besides that fasting helps the individuals to fulfil their desires and wishes. It also helps in reducing the effects of unfavorable planets position.

People observe fast to reduce the negative outcome of Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Rahu and Ketu. The following days tell about the fasting that helps to make the planets to have positive impact in your birth chart.

  • Sunday- Sun
  • Monday- Moon
  • Tuesday- Mars
  • Wednesday- Mercury
  • Thursday- Jupiter
  • Friday- Venus
  • Saturday- Saturn

Important days for Fasting

  • Mahashivratri

It is the day of Lord Shiva. Fasting helps to remove the negatives from the body and purifies our mind.

  • Navratri

It is celebrated twice a year at the time of spring i.e. Vasant and Sharadiya. Fasting also helps to bring inner peace and relaxation to mind.

  • Ekadashi

It is the 11th day after the new Moon and holds significance especially in India. It happens twice per month and fasting during this time helps to reduce digestion problems, sickness and other diseases.

  • Full Moon

Observing fast on full Moon and New Moon helps to reduce acidic content from the body. It also helps in increasing the circulation of blood and maintains metabolism rate. It also restores mind balance of an individual.

Fasting is considered to be related to digestion. In astrology, eating lesser amount of food will help to raise planetary positions of the day. So, fasting helps to strengthen mind. Hence, those observing fast should follow all the rituals and aspects during fasting.

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