Job interview and astrology

Job interview and astrology

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Nowadays, Competition has increased so much and got a job has become the biggest goal of life. Whether it is a government job or a private job is very difficult to get. According to Hindu Dharam, the future of a person depends on his deeds. Therefore, the present is also the result of past karma. This can also be the reason for failure in an interview. The person who is failing in the interview frequently should include these 2 measures in his daily routine- •Every morning after taking a bath feed cow 2 Rotis and sweets. •Mix Seven kinds of grains and put them on the roof of your house early morning. This will help to reduce the barrier to getting a job. The individual should perform this remedy every day. Even if you are not present at home, make these Remedies done by any of your family members.


The main reason for failing in the interview because of planet Saturn in your horoscope. To remove the ill effect of planet Saturn feed food to black dogs on Saturday. Also, Go to Shani Mandir on Saturday. A person who has frequently failed in interviews should wear seven faces Rudraksha on the neck. They should also perform Lord Vishnu Puja and Lord Ganesha Puja. One can also consult the expert astrologer from Astro Sakha.


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