Zodiac Not Suitable For Marriage

Zodiac Not Suitable For Marriage

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When it comes to marriage, everyone wants a cooperative and faithful partner. So, it requires deep thinking as to whom one should get married to. Some signs are the perfect match but few zodiacs just can’t keep it cool. When you start dating them,  they might end up messing things. At one moment, you might feel like they love you and the next moment you don’t feel the same. So, it becomes really tough to analyze whether they actually feel for you or not. Following is the list of zodiac signs that are a big no when it gets to marriage-
  • Gemini

Gemini’s are very well known for their witty sense of humor. They are amazing at the friendship and in need, you will always find your Gemini friend around. But when it comes to marriage they make a terrible partner. These people are also considered to be a fan of disputes. So, think twice when getting married to a Gemini partner.
  • Cancer

Cancer people are well known for being over-emotional but it’s not the actual issue. They are way too moody. One moment they are all happy and next they can blast over a small discomfort. Cancerian will never leave you lonely or alone in tough times. They will show you affection, attention, support, and understanding but things get rough when they get emotional. If you are a person who is not good at expressing and stays away from drama, then being with a Cancerian can be really exhausting.
  • Scorpio

These are the people obsessed with Perfection. People do praise them for their intelligence but they are way too manipulative. Obsessive and controlling nature makes them not so perfect for marriage.   Hence, it is important to take the opinion of an expert astrologer who will help you find a perfect match.

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