Share Market and Astrology

Share Market And Astrology

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Many people have invested in stocks or trading. Some experienced profit and some losses in share market. Share market requires a lot of risk and is a good source to make money. Astrology stock market study is helpful to know about how to earn more profits and less losses.

Effects of Different planets and houses in Share Market

Following are the effects of different planets and houses in share market-

  • In Astrology, Rahu and Moon are the planets which tells about the profit and loss.
  • Favorable planets Jupiter and Mercury also share a very important equation as they bring huge success in Share Market.
  • If the 5th house is strong in the birth chat, it brings success in Trading.
  • If Rahu is strong, then success in Share Market is guaranteed.
  • When there is presence of strong Mercury in the birth chart, the individual has good knowledge on Share Market. He can also become a consultant in Share Market and hence, earn a lot of money.
  • The strong planet Jupiter also signifies the strength of commodity market.

The planetary positions in the horoscope or birth chart tells about the profit and loss in the Share Market. Consulting an expert astrologer in this matter will help to know about the impact of investing in Share Market. 

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