Remedies For Hairfall

Remedies For Hairfall

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Hair, mainly called as a crown of Glory, signifies the persona of an individual. In astrology, every planet including Sun and Moon have an impact on the horoscope or birth chart. These play a major role in the health and appearance of hair. 

Astrological Remedies

One should have a proper diet, daily wash hair to keep them in better form. Astrology helps us in finding in depth reason and offers ways to solve it. 


  • Reason for Baldness– If a person has weak Mercury and Sun, it affects the hair growth. Only a strong Jupiter in the Horoscope would help you reduce the above effect. If it’s not the case then it’s recommended that an individual should offer water to the Sun early in the morning. One should also avoid alcohol & meat and hence, it will help to please Mercury. It will also help make Sun strong.
  • Remedy for Baldness- Grind the coriander seeds with a tablespoon of turmeric with water. Apply the paste formed on the hair. Leave it overnight to have a best impact of this paste. Doing this twice a week will help to reduce the issue of baldness. 

Thin Hair

  • Reason for Hair Thinning- In Astrology, presence of weak Moon and Venus are the reason of thin hair. It is advised that a person should offer milk to Lord Shiva. Adding dairy products products in the diet will also help in overcoming this problem. 
  • Remedy for Hair Thinning- Wash hair with a mixture of lime juice and yogurt. Apply it on your hair before the wash and Wash it after the sunset. Avoid eating acidic food or fruit as it weakens the planet Venus.

Hair Fall

  • Reason for Hair Fall- Weak Venus results in stress, anxiety, and tension and hence leads to hair fall. To strengthen the planet Venus, donate milk and rice to temples and the poor.
  • Remedy for Hair Fall- Take some curd in a copper bowl and leave it for 3 days. Apply the curd on your scalp at least 1 hour before washing your hair. It is help reduce hair fall. 


  • Reason for Dandruff- If planet Mercury is weak, it is responsible for dandruff in hair scalp.
  • Remedy for Dandruff- Wash your hair with vinegar. Rub the scalp with olive oil as it helps in reducing the issue of hair. 


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