Parents-child Compatibility as per astrology

Parents-child Compatibility as per astrology

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Synastry, also known as relationship astrology is an old practice that includes two astrological charts to determine strength and weakness in the relationship. This practice is valuable for people who want to improve the weak areas in their relationship with another person. Astrologers read the position of the Sun and the Moon while analyzing the birth chart. According to them, the Sun represents the identity and the Moon represents emotions. That’s why they play a vital role in a person’s relationship with others, but especially the relationship with his/her parents.  

Some of the different aspects in Astrology, which affect your relationship with your parents are-

  • The First House

The first house in the birth chart rules image and outer personality. To have a sweet relationship with your parent means you find their personality traits pleasant and desirable.  
  • The Fourth house

This house represents Home and Family. It represents that you provide nourishment, protection, and unconditional support to your loved ones.  
  • The Fifth house

This house represents Children and Romantic Relationship. It includes the individual’s passion, enthusiasm, humor, and creativity towards others.   When the position of the planet in the birth chart and parent’s birth chart form a 90° angle, i.e are Square, it results in stress and tension in your relationship. Hence, One should take a guide from expert astrologers to build a beautiful relationship with your parents.  


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