Mother-Daughter relationship as per zodiac sign

Mother-Daughter relationship as per zodiac sign

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It’s no secret that some zodiac combinations resolve conflict in a beefed way than others. Some combinations are so much so that they are like reading each other’s minds. However, others have to spend extra time explaining thoughts and feelings to each other. This can be even harder when it comes to the extremely important relationship between mother-daughter. Some suffer that their mother or daughter is unable to understand each other. This only requires care and work between a mother and a daughter.

The following points describe the relationship between mother and daughter-

•Pisces (Mother) And Sagittarius (Child)

This relationship is between an Emotional mother vs a Logical child. The Pisces mother is a nurturer who always questions how her daughter is feeling, even when she’s too young to tell by herself. The Sagittarius daughter will not feel comfortable when you try to talk about her feelings mostly in her teenage years. She should remind her daughter that emotional intelligence is much more important than any kind of intelligence But with time their relationship will grow.

•Cancer (Mother) And Aries (Child)

This relationship is between a Careful mother vs a Risk-Taking child. Cancer mothers are very cautious about their child trying new things and going places without them. The separation that comes from them growing up also worries them a lot. The cancer mother loves home and comfort. She also loves to spend time with her daughter but feels nostalgic when she starts going off on her own. The Aries daughter always wants independence from a young age.

•Virgo (Mother) And Gemini (Child)

This relationship is between a Tenacious mother Vs. Inconsistent child. The Virgo mother was always an all-star student and overachiever so she expects her daughter to be equally hardworking. She starts teaching her numbers and letters from a very young age. She always wants her to become a lawyer, businesswoman, or politician in the future. The daughter is curious about everything and does not like to sit for too long enough to complete anything. The mother always has the end goal in vision but the daughter prefers to try many things at once and see where she ends up.

•Capricorn (Mother) And Libra (Child)

This relationship is between an Impulsive mother Vs. Over-Thinking child. Mostly the Capricorn mother thinks her child is more carefree than us, but this combination is just the opposite. A carefree Capricorn mother paired with a worrier Libra daughter simply means the kid is doing the parenting. The biggest challenge in the relationship is getting the child to give herself a break every once in a while.

•Aquarius (Mother) And Leo (Child)

This relationship is between an Introspective mother Vs. Extrospective child. The Aquarius mother is always fascinated by the feelings and thoughts of her mind. The daughter is equally cerebral and curious. She always learns by tinkering, touching, trying, and asking endless questions about the world around her. She will feel more proud of herself and remember what she has learned better if she’s figured it out on her own.

•Libra (Mother) And Capricorn (Child)

This relationship is between a Free-Spirited mother Vs. Conservative child. The libra mother is never conventional. The Capricorn child wished her mom would let her wear mature clothing from a younger age. She also wants to go out with her friends alone. She vowed to never put too many restrictions on her own daughter.

•Aquarius (Mother) And Cancer (Child)

This relationship is between a Left Brain mother Vs. a Right Brainchild. The Aquarius mother believes in hard truths like numbers than any thoughts and feelings. But the cancer daughter loves stories than puzzles and chooses art over math. The Aquarius mother sometimes finds it hard to relate to the things she’s interested in.

•Leo (Mother) And Taurus (Child)

This relationship is between an Outgoing mother Vs. Shy child. The moment when the Taurus daughter was old enough to go on playdates, the Leo mother has been arranging a jam-packed social schedule for her. Time spent with friends has always been one of the most important things but you want her to be the same. Make sure to spend enough time not just at home in daily routine but doing activities together.  


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