Income and astrology

Income & Astrology

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In astrology, the 2nd House , 11th House and the 12th House plays a very important role. It helps in determining the fortune and prosperity of an individual. Astrologers believe that if you want to be wealthy, the strength of 11th House should always be higher than that of 12th House. The placements of the planets are analyzed in the 5 Houses if an individual wants to go for a service job or start his own business.  If weak planets are in 2nd, 5th, 9th, 10th or 11th House, a service job is more suitable. But if strong planets are positioned in these Houses, it means a business will bring more prosperity and success.

Houses and Income-

  • The 2nd House in birth chart is connected with income and indicates inflow of finances.
  • The 4th House and 5th House indicates paternal wealth.
  • The 6th house indicates financial struggle of an individual and the 7th House represents how much a person can be successful in the business.
  • The 8th House represents afflictions as well as earnings. It also predicts unexpected prosperity and income from gambling.
  • The 9th House represents Fortune, business, and other occupations.
  • The 10th House indicates the individual’s profession, status in life, honor, power, and authority.
  • The 11th House represents wealth, fluctuating money gains, social activities and social successes.
  • The 12th House also indicates expenditures.

By consulting a reliable astrologer, one can find suitable careers options. One can also seek suggestions and remedies to improve financial condition or learn how to switch careers.

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