Astrology palmistry

Astrology Palmistry

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Palmistry can tell a lot about the future by looking at the shape of the palms, type of the finger as well as the lines of the hands. Everyone has a different shape of the hands and fingers. In Palm reading, researchers have mentioned an ample amount of detail to analyze the personality of an individual according to the type and shape of fingers. By seeing them, you can tell about the behavior of a person. According to palmistry, the fingers of the hands have great importance. By looking at their length and shape of fingers, one can know about one’s nature, present, and future. In Palmistry, every finger does have its own personality attributes that can comparatively show the individuality of the person, and each finger is also known as the planet that regulates the energies throughout the life of the individual. There are four key shapes of fingers that are especially concentrated on palm reading. That is fingers that are square, pointed, conic, or spatulated. In today’s blog, let us know what is written in your destiny by looking at the fingers.

Square Shape of Fingers

The square shape of fingers resembles practical, wise, disciplined, and patient behavior. A person with square fingers is often very practical. They like everything to be in a well-organized manner. In addition to this, they are realistic. These people are punctual. They are good at love but commonly believe in the analytical approach.

Pointed Shape of Fingers

Pointed fingers signify sensitivity and compassion. Individuals with this kind of finger shape are sensitive souls. Often, they can be impractical and unwise. However, wherever they go, they shower love and receive love. They are dreamy, imaginative, and visionary.

Conic Shape of Fingers

Conic shapes refer to witty and intuitive persona. People with the conic or round shapes of fingers are very sarcastic, good speakers, and persuasive. They embrace spontaneous behavior and often impress others with their responses. However, they can sometimes be very impressionable too.

Spatulated Shape of Fingers

This shape of fingers reflects a flattering nature. An individual with a spatulated finger shape is full of energy and enthusiasm. They are active and full of skills. With their intelligence, they make a very successful person in their life.

Index Finger

The index finger or Tarjani is the finger next to the thumb. Jupiter is the lord of this finger. It regulates all the energies of Jupiter in one’s life. According to Palmistry, a person who has a long index finger is intelligent and knowledgeable. Such people have the ability to become leaders. If the index finger is equal to the middle finger, then the person keeps their dominance. Whereas if the middle finger is equal to the ring finger, then the person is wise. They gain knowledge all their life and hold command in many languages. If the index finger tilts towards the middle finger, then a person performs every task with great enthusiasm. They are optimistic and deep thinkers. However, they do embrace a very sincere behavior. If the index finger is bent towards the thumb, they comprise a very simple behavior. They prefer to be with their family.  

Middle Finger

The middle finger of the Madhyama is the second figure. It falls under the rule of Saturn. It reflects all the Saturn energies in life. As Saturn is the Karmic planet, this finger says a lot about a person’s professional life. If a person has a long middle finger, they become hard-working individuals. They perform every task with complete dedication and devotion. Also, they become very successful individuals in their life. However, when a person has a small middle finger, they become pessimistic. Additionally, the crooked middle finger indicates that the person can be very sly. They do not become a trustworthy person. If the middle finger is tilted towards the ring finger, then such a person does not like too much noise. They prefer solitude or limited people and quality people. If the middle finger is tilting towards the index finger and the thumb, then their positive attitude and traits grow by their age. They become generous and admirable individuals. They spend their life honestly.  

Ring Finger

The ring finger or Anamika falls under the rule of the planet Sun. When this finger is long, a person attains the rich quality of art, music, poetry, and writing. They become successful artistic individuals. Also, with the help of their art, they attain a lot of wealth and prosperity all life long. Wherever they go, they get respect. On the other hand, when this finger is equal to the middle finger it does not reflect any auspicious sign. A person with such a shape of fingers engage in wrong acts like gambling and so on. As a result of their actions, they struggle throughout their life for honor. If the Ring finger is tilting towards the middle finger, then such a person easily finds a solution to every problem. They are more interested in religious activities. Whereas if the finger is tilted towards the small finger, then such a person is selfish. He always thinks about himself. They always think about their own benefits.  

Little Finger

The little finger or Kanishka is called the finger of Mercury. If this finger reaches the upper tip of the ring finger, then the person makes a lot of progress in life with wisdom. They are interested in Science. If Mercury and Sun’s (Little and Ring) fingers are equal in size then the person can become a scientist or a big businessman. On the other hand, if the little is very small then the person may become extremely greedy for money. They are also ready to earn money through unfair trades and procedures. If the finger is very small, then a person is humorous. However, they embrace an unstable nature. If the little finger is inclined towards the ring finger then it is highly auspicious. Also, such a person is a great speaker with a strong & flexible mind.

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