Importance Of Match Making

Importance Of Match Making

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Matchmaking or Kundali Milan- It’s Importance in Marriage 

Matchmaking is a process of bringing two people together, especially for the purpose of marriage. It is the analysis of compatibility between the two. Kundali Milan is a comparison of two birth charts. Kundali Milan recognizes the degree of mutual respect and potential marriage.   

Importance of Matchmaking-

Marriage is a beautiful relationship that ties the two souls together for a lifetime and beyond. Matchmaking plays a very crucial role in marriage. The majority of the families first match the detailed birth charts to check whether their stars are compatible or not before accepting the proposal.   To check the compatibility of the Bride and Groom as per astrology there are 36 Gunas in total which are matched before marriage. These Gunas have different points and each point indicates individual star and destiny. Astrology also promises a range of treatments to decrease the adverse effects from any doshas.

Special Puja

The position of stars and timings of the birth of a child decides his fortune. The timings and positioning of the stars create Dosha like Mangal Dosha / Shandi Dosha, such doshas can lead to problems after the marriage. The marriage is not advisable in extreme cases. Whereas, there is requirement of puja in mild cases. At the time of marriage, Kundli Matching play a very important role. One can calculate their planetary position and their effect on the people around them.