What Is Mangal Dosh

What Is Mangal Dosh?

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Mangal Dosha- What does it mean?

  Mangal Dosha, also known as Bhom’, ‘Kuja’ or ‘Angarakha’ Dosha caused by the fiery nature of the Planet Mars- present in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house in a person’s horoscope. Both males and females are afflicted by this Dosha. Since Mars is a hot Planet, it indicates ego, high self-esteem, arrogance and volatile temperament. It is because of this reason a person with Mangal Dosha will find it difficult to compromise and adjust with a partner. Mangal Dosha also effects a person’s financial status.  

Effects of Mangal Dosha- 

  • When Mars is in the First House-

As, the first house is the House of the Spouse, when a Manglik marries a Non-Manglik, it leads to unnecessary conflicts between the two and also disrupts normal married life leading to breakups and separation.  
  • When Mars is in the Second House-

Whenever Mars is active and negative in the second house, it damages the marriage of and hence, leading to a divorce and second marriage.  
  • When Mars is in the Fourth House-

The Planet in the fourth house adversely effects the professional life making a person to switch between the jobs.  
  • When Mars is in Seventh House-

The Planet in the seventh house leads to short-temper. A person will be dominating and hence, leading to misunderstandings and domestic conflicts.  
  • When Mars is in the Eight House-

Mars presence in the eight house leads to laziness. The person can prone to accidents when Mars is in this house.  
  • When Mars is in the Twelfth House-

Mars creates mental unrest and leads to feeling of failure. The aggression creates unpleasant nature and problems. The presence of Mars will give the desire to indulge in illegal unions with other people.     Along with the theoretical side of Mangal Dosha, it is very important to study the practical and traditional aspects too. It has been observed that every third person is said to have Mangal Dosh in their birth chart but according to expert astrologers, it has been found that there are nearly ten out of lakhs who are really affected by complete Manglikosh.