Health astrology

Health astrology

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To have good health the planetary positions and stars should be strong. Sun is a natural karka and gives individuals with good health and energy. Moon the planet of mind should also be strong for clear and sound thinking. For Example, the first house in a chart and Aries weakens the brain and nervous system causing various diseases. The affiliation to the Cancer zodiac and the 4th house causes mental diseases like lunacy, retardation, and dullness. It also causes emotional diseases such as fits, epilepsy, phobias, and coma. An affliction to 5th house includes diseases such as aberration of mind, schizophrenia. paranoia and perversion. If the lagnesh is in 6th, the 8th, or the 12th, it indicates the deteriorated health. The data of a planet in the 2nd or the 7th from Lagna also brings ill health. Jupiter in the 6th house gives good health. Jupiter with Moon or in the 5th house is good for mental health. If the lord is in the 9th, 6th, and 8th house, It also brings good health.

Following are some combinations for good health-

•Ascendant occupied or aspected by the lord or a benefic. •The ascendant with a benefic planet. •Ascendant involved in a raja yoga •Lagnesh conjunction by natural benefits. •Lagna between benefic planets. •Saturn in 8th brings longevity but also gives deteriorated health. •The Saturn in 8th brings longevity without the disease. •Saturn in Jupiter is good, but Jupiter’s presence in Saturn is not good for health. •Sun and Moon in 8th is also not good for health. The expert astrologers help will be beneficial to know about the planets and stars that affects the individual’s health.


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