Pregnancy and Astrology

Pregnancy And Astrology

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Marriage is a beautiful bond and the child completes the family. Without a child, couple suffers a lot of issues. With the advancement of medical science, these problems have reduced to some extent but sometimes there is no success even after the medical help. In such cases astrology can be helpful.

Important Planets in Astrology for childbirth

  • Jupiter

It is the significates child birth. favorable or unfavorable condition of Jupiter in the Horoscope will tell about the child birth.

  • Sun

Sun is considered to be the ruler of 5th house. It is also the planet of life and energy. So, it also plays a very crucial role in child birth.

  • Mars

Mars is also considered as the ruler of 8th house. 8th house is the House of conception. Hence, it also plays a very crucial role in pregnancy.

  • Venus

The planet Venus is also responsible for pregnancy. For any kind of problem or weakness of Venus can cause difficulty in childbirth.

Combinations In Astrology For Childbirth Without Problem

The 5th House and its Lord Should be free from any affliction. The malefic planets such as Rahu, Ketu and Saturn should not be present in the 5th house. The planet Mercury is also not considered auspicious for childbirth. When 5th lord is in the 1st house or vice versa, one can also predict about the happiness of children and hence, the children will be successful. The placement of 5th lord in 2nd house can bless you children without any pregnancy issues.

Problems In Childbirth As Per Astrology

If the 5th lord goes into enemy sign, lost in the Graha Yuddha or is in 6th, 8th or 12 house then there can be loss of a child or delay or no children. When 8th lord is in the 5th house, it can result in the delay of getting pregnant. The Sun should not be in conjunction with planets such as Rahu, Ketu and Saturn. 

Abortion or Problems During Pregnancy

If Mars joins Jupiter and Venus in 8th house, a women faces abortion. If the 5th Lord is in the star of 8th or 12th lord, complications during pregnancy occurs. When Ketu is transiting in the 5th house during pregnancy, problems like miscarriage and abortion is possible. If the 5th Lord is in 8th house and in the star of Mars or Rahu, it can also result into miscarriage or abortion. 


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