Astrology and Mental Health

Astrology And Mental Health

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A good health will always help an individual to grow physically as well as mentally. But, if he is not mentally healthy it will surely affect his body, mind and health. Unfavorable planetary positions affects physical as well as mental health of an individual.

Signs of Mental Illness

Depression and anxiety prevails among the individual having weak planets in their horoscope.

  • If Mercury is weak in the horoscope then a person suffers from mental health.
  • When the planet Jupiter is weak in the birth chart of an individual, it results in poor emotional and mental health.
  • If the planet Jupiter is in influence with planet Mars in the 7th House, an individual suffers from emotional issues.
  • If the planet Saturn is present in the 12th house with a weak Moon, a person suffers from psychological issues.
  • Moon signifies mind. But, presence of moon in unfavorable planetary position in the horoscope results in mental illness.
  • If there is presence of weak Saturn, it causes depression.

Remedies for Mental Health

  • Worshipping the planet which is weak in the horoscope can help in reducing the mental stress.
  • Performing Nav Grah Puja can also be a remedy to reduce mental unstableness.
  • Donating gold Elephant will also act as a remedy and will help to please the malefic planets. Tags- astrology, astrology and mental health, mental health, depression, reasons, remedies

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