Vastu tips for kids room

Vastu Tips For Kids Room

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The room of a child is the deciding factor and helps in shaping the kid’s future. It is also the place where they have spent a lot of time studying, playing  and sleeping.

Vastu Tips

Here are the Vastu tips that help the kid to grow and hence, enables positivity in his life.

  • Doors and Windows

There should be no doors or window in front of the bed. It also creates lack of sleep and hypertension among the children.

  • Bed

The bed should be on west side or  southwest corner of the room. This placement brings good health, good fortune, and success to the child. A wooden bed should also be preferred as it creates positivity.

  • Gadgets

There should be no gadgets placed in the kids room as produces harmful radiations and creates stress among the children. It also destroys kids concentration power.

  • Study Desk

The placement of study table should be in the north-east direction of the room. It should be of wooden material as it brings positivity.

  • Study Lamp

As per Vastu tips, a study lamp should also be placed in the child’s room. It brings luck to the child. It also improves focus and concentration power among the kids.

  • Ventilation

Taking care of kid’s room ventilation is of utmost importance. Windows should also be build to circulate air and to eliminate toxicity.


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