Yoga Poses and Zodiac Signs

Yoga Poses And Zodiac Signs

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Nowadays, due to stress our body suffers a lot. So, it’s essential to keep them healthy. Following are the yoga poses as per zodiac signs-

Yoga Poses And Zodiac Signs

  • Aries

This sign needs to relax a little bit. A standing forward bend – Uttanasana, head-to-knee pose – Janusirsasana as well as Savasana are beneficial for this zodiac people.

  • Taurus

The best pose for this zodiac includes, Bitilasana which stretches neck and front torso. This sign should definitely try this to improve coordination while working with abdominal muscles.

  • Gemini

The most beneficial one for this zodiac is the Cobra Pose – Bhujangasana which is therapeutic for shoulders. It also decreases the stiffness in lower back.

  • Cancer

Dancer’s Pose – Natarajasana will be helpful to stretch chest and aid in releasing the powerful energies of an awakened heart chakra.

  • Leo

Cat Pose – Marjaryasana will be Beneficial for this zodiac. It helps to stretch your spine, so you can stand tall and upright in the spotlight.

  • Virgo

Peacock Pose – Mayurasana will be very helpful to flush out all the toxins. It also rules the nervous system and the intestines.

  • Libra

The Tree Pose – Vriksasana will help this zodiac as it balances the mind as well as the body.

  • Scorpio

The Lotus Pose – Padmasana will be surely going to make the difference for this zodiac. This pose not only improves concentration but also restores the energy levels.

  • Sagittarius

The Pigeon Pose – Kapotasana will be beneficial at opening up the hip joint and lengthening the hip flexors for this zodiac sign.

  • Capricorn

The Mountain Pose – Tadasana will be very helpful for this sign.

  • Aquarius

The Downward Facing Dog – Adho Mukha Svanasana will be Beneficial to drive circulation to ankle and calves.

  • Pisces

The Child’s Resting Pose – Balasana will help this zodiac to reduce Anxieties. This pose promotes positive energies as well as ideal for reducing the negative aura around this sign.


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