What Is Chandra Dosh

What Is Chandra Dosh?

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Moon, a cosmic body circling Earth which is additionally the fifth-biggest satellite in our nearby planetary group. Close by its huge light and all-inclusive excellence, it has incredible significance in Astrology or Astronomy. Like the other 8 planets of Astrology, Moon additionally assumes an incredible part in the life of individuals. In Astrology, the Moon is the Karaka or significator of the brain. By this way, with its approval in the Kundali, you can accomplish a quiet, decided, and visionary psyche. In any case, when the Moon is in a frail situation in the horoscope it causes numerous colossal issues. One such issue is the Chandra Dosha.  Chandra Dosha attracts numerous critical checks of your life. It makes you not have the capacity to center, it turns out to be practically inconceivable for you to decide. What’s more, you need certainty, innovativeness. You are frequently intellectually upset and it gets intense to put forth attempts in a solitary way.  Today in this article, we will examine Chandra Dosh and will likewise disclose to you solutions to beat it.   

What is Chandra Dosha? 

As indicated by Vedic Astrology, the Chandra Dosha is framed when the Moon is poorly set in the horoscope. There are numerous planetary situations for the Moon to be distressed or debilitated. In any case, the most factor that frames this dosh is the combination of Rahu and Moon.  The mix of Rahu-Moon in the horoscope is known as Chandra Dosha. This state is likewise called Grahan or obs-curation. Basically, if Rahu is placed with the Moon. An individual who has Chandra Dosh in their Kundali endures a lot of enthusiastic battle. They are frequently diverted and uncertain.   

Planetary Position 

Alongside the Rahu-Moon combination, some other planetary positions make Chandra Dosh. These positions are – 
  • If Rahu is aspecting Moon in the horoscope or Moon is shaping a combination with Ketu then it additionally makes Chandra Dosha. 
  • At the point when the Moon is in a feeble situation in the horoscope, it bestows a destructive effect. Likewise, when the Moon frames a combination with a malefic planet, it makes Chandra dosh. 
  • In the horoscope, if a malefic planet is aspecting Moon it causes Chandra Dosha. 
  • The combination of Sun-Moon in the horoscope additionally causes Chandra Dosha. 

Solutions for Chandra Dosha 

If there is a Chandra Dosha in your horoscope, at that point you may confront numerous difficulties throughout everyday life. It can make you a casualty of false impressions and you may have questions about your choices. An absence of assurance and an absence of control of considerations can make your life problematic. Alongside this, you are likewise prone to have apprehension, edginess, and frail memory. Notwithstanding, Astrology offers you an answer to beat this Dosh by attempting the cures given underneath. 
  • As indicated by Hindu Mythology, Moon is a definitive fan of Lord Shiva. Hence, on the off chance that you love Lord Shiva day by day with commitment, at that point you can dispose of Dosh. 
  • Reciting the Mahamrityunjaya mantra every day likewise ends up being viable. 
  • Master Ganesha is the child of Lord Shiva. He is likewise the Lord of craftsmanship, science, and shrewdness. Adoring Lord Ganesha can likewise be useful to get liberated from this Dosh. 
  • Doing pranayam every day can likewise diminish the impact of the dosha and it additionally decreases the spasticity of the brain. 
  • Recounting Durga Saptashati Path eliminates the Chandra Dosha.

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