Business Partner and Astrology

Business Partner And Astrology

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There are different types of business like sole proprietorship and Partnership. Partnership requires a lot of risk than sole proprietorship. So, it’s crucial to know in advance about the business partner’s loyalty, ego, money etc. The positivity in the business partner brings success whereas his negativity will lead to the failure of the business.

Business and Partnership

Following houses tells whether the partnership is favorable or not.

  • The 7th house in the birth chart indicates partnership. If it is in favorable planetary position, then Partnership will be beneficial.
  • The Planets Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Moon give good results.
  • The planets bringing negative impact are Shani, Rahu and Ketu.
  • The planets present are strong and weak also describes the success and downfall of the business in case of the partnership.
  • The planet Saturn present in Capricorn and Aquarius brings favorable results whereas Mars in Aries can bring adverse effects.

The business partnership all depends on the 7th house. One can select a gemstone or can chant specific mantra to have a successful partnership. But it is advised taking the help of an expert astrologer in this matter as he will help to know whether to invest in partnership or not. 

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