Planet Dasha and astrology

Planet Dashas And Astrology

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‘Dasha’, a Sanskrit word refers to the period of time in which a particular planet holds a certain position. These planetary positions are responsible for the positive and negative impact that a planet has on our lives. The effects of the Dashas depends on the strength and position of the signs and houses in the horoscope chart.

Planets and Dashas-

Following are the different planets, their time period and occurrence of Dashas-

  • 18 years for Rahu
  • 7 years for Ketu
  • 17 years for Mercury
  • 16 years for Jupiter
  • 7 years for Mars
  • 10 years for Moon
  • 19 years for Saturn
  • 20 years for Venus
  • 6 years for Sun

The Dashas occur in the above set of pattern but unfortunately no one survives to explain the reason behind this pattern of planetary periods or why the number of years are different for each planet.

Placement of Moon and Vimshottari Dasha System

One of the important aspect associated with Dashas is the placement of the moon in the horoscope chart and the nakshatras. If the moon is placed strongly in your birth chart, then it results in the occurrence of the Mahadasha of a particular planet which will bring health, wealth and happiness. But, if the moon holds a weaker position during the Dasha period of a particular planet, then it will reduce the strength of that planet and will give you unfavorable results.

To get the more detailed information regarding the importance of Moon and different Dashas, do contact an expert astrologer for clearing all your doubts about Dashas and Mahadashas.

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