Movies On Astrology

Movies On Astrology

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In the present period, distinctive film creation houses like to coordinate and distribute movies dependent on various issues and diverse logical realities. We have likewise watched numerous sorts of movies dependent on science, innovation, stargazing, and activity. Yet, a significant number of us like to investigate a great deal about movies on astrology and realities dependent on astrology. Also, why not? All things considered, astrology is additionally a science and not craftsmanship. 

If you are likewise keen on astrology, and you need to see films identified with it, at that point this article is for you. In this article, we have talked about 10 of the most acclaimed movies which are someplace related to astrology. 


The top 5 movies are listed below-

  1. When Were You Born? 

Coordinated By: William C. McGann
Delivery Date: June 18, 1938 

Mei Lee Ling was an astrology researcher. During the journey on the boat, Lee anticipated the demise of one of his buddies that individual bites the dust. Police appear to realize that Lee will know something. In any case, Lee knows nothing about that individual’s demise. 

This is a “murder secret” film, giving Anna May Wong a role as an Astrologer who encouraged the police group to address the secret. Every 12 characters cast in this film have a place with 12 distinct Zodiacs. Settling murder secret utilizing astrology strengthens the feeling of a secret. Notwithstanding, it brought about more tedium than tension. 

  1. Five Star Day 

Coordinated By: Danny Buday 
Delivered Date: April 22, 2010 

Four individuals. Same horoscope. Boundless potential outcomes. The horoscope of Jack Gibson (Cam Gigandet) predicts a great day for the morning of his birthday, however, whatever expectation is made for that day ends up being the specific inverse. Jack’s reality changes totally and each demonstration he performs turns out badly. 

This establishes that astrology has no legitimacy. Jack discovers three individuals who are conceived simultaneously and in a similar spot. Also, sets out on an excursion to test the hypothesis of astrology, alongside those three individuals – Sarah Reynolds (Jenna Malone), Yvette Montgomery (Brooklyn Sudano), and Wesley Henderson (Max Hartman). From here the story starts.

  1. Number 23 

Coordinated By: Joel Schumacher 
Delivered Date: February 23, 2007 

On his birthday, a canine catcher, Walter Sparrow, goes to get a canine, which makes him late to get his significant other. She shows up at a book shop, a blood-splashed novel, A Murder Mystery with Numerology, which spins around number 23. The story entices Walter. Walter dreams with the end goal that he can coordinate numerous occasions of his life from number 23. 

Walter looks for the creator, he lives in room no. 23 of lodging where the occasions in the novel occurred, and he starts to accept that it was anything but a novel. His better half and child additionally help him. In any case, later when Water understands that he and his family are at serious risk, he takes the edge from it. 

  1. Chinese Zodiac: CZ12 

Coordinated By: Jackie Chan 
Delivered Date: December 20, 2012 

The unrivaled Jackie Chan utilizes current innovation and strategies to chase for inestimable remaining parts of some mysterious issues. Hundreds of years prior, an assortment of zodiac signs was the pride of China. Today, the finish of the bronze is absent. At the point when business visionary Lawrence (Oliver Platt) offers a huge compensation for his recuperation, the fearless Asian Fox (Chan) hurries to discover them and guarantees that China’s set of experiences is saved. 

A man scans the world for a bunch of daring antiques. The twelve bronze tops of the creatures from the Chinese zodiac. 

  1. What’s Your Raashee 

Coordinated By: Ashutosh Gowariker 
Delivered Date: September 25, 2009 

In this film, the saint sets out for himself looking for a perfect partner who is identified with his horoscope. If he doesn’t locate the correct accomplice, he may lose the star of his fortune. He is in a rush to have the option to locate a caring life partner and who additionally coordinates his horoscope. 

Yogesh (entertainer) is in a rush and compelled to wed ahead of schedule to get away from his family from inconvenient circumstances. At the point when he understands that getting the correct young lady is a troublesome assignment, he meets the young lady of each of the 12 zodiac signs. 

Remark Below! Which of these 5 movies will you Watch Today?

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