Marriage and astrology

Marriage And Astrology

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There is an old saying- “Marriages are made in heaven”. It is believed that the life partner is already decided by God in heaven and you have to to find them on the earth. It mainly depends on your karma. If you commit good karma, then you have love and a long-lasting marriage. But, if you commit bad karma, then it may even destroy your marriage.

Marriage and Astrology-

Here, astrology and astrologers plays an important role. They tell about marriage life, physical, mental and social compatibility between the two people. It is believed that the horoscope chart predicts the married life and bonding with the partner. In the ancient times, there were only few methods for horoscope matchmaking which determines the fate of a happily married life. But, nowadays innovation has taken place resulting into different methods of Kundli Milan.

One of the methods is Bhav Milan, where the different houses and planetary lords are considered to predict the marital life of the couple. Another method of Kundli Milan is Asta Koot Milan. It also describes the happy married life between the bride and the groom. First , second, fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth houses are responsible for the longevity of a marriage. Whereas, Venus is considered as the planet of love and romance.

Though marriages are made in heaven, it is important to take the opinion of expert astrologers to determine about the destiny of the two individuals.

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