Astrology is the study through the observation and interpretation of the fixed stars, the Sun, the Moon, and the planets. Some do not believe in Astrology but some also take every decision of their life after consulting the astrologers.  Facts and Astrology Following are some interesting facts that one should definitely know about Astrology-
  • Who decides your zodiac sign?
The birth date plays a major role in determining your zodiac sign. It is said that the planet sun is also responsible for determining your zodiac sign. That’s why the Zodiac sign is also known as the Sun sign.
  • Hitler was a huge fan of astrology
Yes, Hitler was also a great believer in astrology. During World War II, Hitler consulted various astrologers regarding the outcome of the war. It is also believed that one astrologer predicted his future and they turned out to be true.
  • The Moon is responsible for your mood swings
It is believed that the moon impacts your emotions. On a full moon night, you feel like crying without any particular reason, this happens because of the moon and hence, makes you emotional.
  • People say of not believing, then how do they know about their zodiac sign?
Many people do not have a faith in astrology but they are well aware of their Zodiac signs. So, it can be seen though they do not it can be concluded that even if people do not have any interest in astrology but they tend to read it daily, and hence, it is growing on a huge scale.  So, these were some of the amazing facts about astrology but there are still many unknown to the world.