Gold, Silver and Copper Kada and it's benefits

Gold, Silver & Copper Kada & Benefits

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Kada, also known as bangle is a ring shaped bracelet worn on hand. Wearing a Kada can also change the life. 

Astrological benefits

  • Silver Kada 

Silver has a great impact and numerous advantages to human life. It is not just limited to its monetary advantages but is also a poison testing device. It brings well being to human life that’s why it holds a lot of advantages. 

  • Copper Kada 

When horoscope is not in favor of Sun wearing a copper ring will help to overcome its ill effects. It also helps to reduce Surya Mahadosha in a person’s Kundli. Wearing the copper ring brings parity in the body which keeps a person quiet and positive all the more frequently. It is helpful for the individuals suffering hypertension and low pulse. 

  • Gold Kada 

Gold can bring a lot success if one wears it effectively. Sport gold on your left hand is beneficial. Don’t wear sporting gold as an anklet. One should not use sport gold on abdomen. Youngsters can also wear sport gold in a red string. As, Gold brings vitality and warmth. It also vanishes toxin. 

Wearing Gold, Silver and Copper Kada brings prosperity, success, wealth and well being to human life. 


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