Enemy Problem & Astrology

Enemy Problem & Astrology 

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The two most effective measures for enemy problems are Astrology and Vashikaran. These help to get rid of enemies, to overcome them and to turn them into friends. The enemies pull us down and frustrated in life. They include jealous neighbors or friends, business competitors and greedy people. They are mostly affected when you achieve success in your life. 

Enemy Problem And Astrology-

Following are ways undertaken to check the possibility of enemies in one’s life- 

  • The Sixth house of the horoscope is related to the possibility of enemies. Hence, Third house and Eleventh house are also responsible for the same.
  • Presence of malefic or benefic planets in these houses are responsible for the same.
  • Location of the lords of these house also helps in knowing about the enemies. 
  • Influence of the malefic planets and the lords of these houses are also related to the enemy problems.
  • Imperfections or Doshas present in the birth chart also tells about the same.
  • There are other astrological elements present which helps to know about the enemy problems. 

One should take the advice of the expert astrologer for knowing about the enemy problems in there life. 


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