Business and vastu shastra

Business And Vastu Shastra

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Vastu Shastra, a traditional method used in the construction of offices, houses etc. It helps in creating positive energy and reducing the negative energy around us either in the workplace or at home.

Vastu Shastra can help building the business. Hence, following methods should be inculcated to increase the chances of business to prosper.

  • As per Vastu Shastra, business people should sit confronting the north, east or north-east as it should take into consideration to be favorable. As the sun ascends in the east, it helps in the development of wealth in the business.
  • The Business heads should possess a lodge in the western side of the workplace. They should held them in the north-east direction as it improves initiative abilities.
  • The monetary related records should be secure in a safe build in the south-west zone of the workplace. The safe should face the north-east direction to improve funds and it helps business grow.
  • A glass or metal table should be in remarkable shape in the lodge. It promotes calmness and relaxation at workplace.
  • The Meeting room should be build in north-west course.
  • Aquarium at workplace should consist of nine goldfish and one blackfish. The direction of aquarium should be North-East.
  • The Work areas or workstations should be rectangular or square in shape but not L-formed.

Hence, the business people should consult an expert astrologer while making all the decisions for the success of their business.


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