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For what reason don’t we recall the things of our Past Life? – we should learn 

Regularly we talk about resurrection and previous existence. What’s more, some of the time individuals likewise guarantee to be identified with it, however, have you ever wondered why we don’t recall things identified with our past birth? Tell us some disliked perspectives identified with the resurrection. 


Logical Explanation 

Researchers accept that there is a compound considered Oscitocin behind not recalling the things of past birth. This compound is delivered from the mother’s belly during pregnancy, however on the off chance that this component comes from the mother’s belly with the child, at that point they may recollect all the things of a previous existence. 


Dread of death 

On the off chance that we have kicked the bucket in a past life because of some unfortunate explanation, at that point recollecting those episodes in the current life will make the individual lament once more, and constantly considering the previous existence’s encounters and distress. 


Ceremonies After Death 

In Hinduism, the cranial activity is additionally performed at the hour of the memorial service. About 30 minutes in the wake of consuming the body, the greater part of the fragile living creature and bones of the body transform into cinders. Further, a great deal is tied in bamboo and more ghee is added to the top of the body. So that no piece of the head is saved from consumption. This is known as the Kapal Kriya. 

It is accepted that on the off chance that a piece of the head or mind is left from consuming, at that point the individual recalls things of the past life in the following life. 


Normal explanation 

Nature has made man’s brain fail to remember and make new without fail. We frequently fail to remember the previous things after some time, fail to remember the old things, and consider new things over the long haul. Frequently, awful things happen to an individual throughout everyday life, which he fails to remember and begins another life. On the off chance that a man doesn’t, in general, fail to remember, at that point, it will be incomprehensible for them to begin a fresh start. In this way, it is difficult to recollect the things of past birth. 


Huge Abilities 

A few people get a feeling of their previous existence. Like what was their name, where did they live, who were their folks. So on This has happened ordinarily however is once in a while observed. Notwithstanding, there is a high possibility of this being an unavoidable truth. 


Karma and soul 

Our sacred writings likewise plainly express that his next birth is improved by deeds of the present. The deeds of the spirit draw an individual towards their past birth. Accordingly, it is constantly said for the individual who carries on with a decent life that they are more likely than not to have carried out some beneficial things in the past life.

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