Meaning Of Moles On Body

Meaning Of Moles On Body

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Moles, also known as birthmarks are the type of skin growth that can appear as small, dark brown spots on your body. They appear naturally on any part of your body suggesting different meanings and interpretations. A mole represents character and also tells a lot about an individual’s personality, luck, fortune or misfortune.

Astrology and Moles

According to the Vedic Astrology, Moles describes an individual’s personality, character, behavior, traits and overall structure. They also depicts the destiny, nature and future of an individual. Mole astrology is analysis of the good and bad qualities of an individual through different sizes, colors, and shapes of a mole.
  • Forehead-

Those who have a mole on the right side of their forehead, it indicates the strong personality of an individual. These people are very strong and self-determined. It also represents a person having leadership skills and also a lot of wealth. Mole on the middle of the forehand represents wisdom and a person having a mole on the left side suffers from financial crisis.
  • Eyes-

People with mole on the right eye denotes luck and however, people with a mark on the left eye are arrogant and egoistic.
  • Ears-

People with a mole on ear are intelligent, talented and inhibit skills. They are also excellent in studying, acting and sports.
  • Nose-

Birthmark on the top of nose indicates a person having a  happy relationship and a married life but on right side of the nose, it results in bad relationship, career and money.
  • Cheeks-

People with mole on the left side of the cheeks respect their parents and are very loyal to their family members and relatives. These are very soft-hearted people but people with a birthmark on the right side of the cheeks are little confused about their life. They don’t reach to any solution easily whether its related to career, family, relationships and finance.
  • Neck-

People having mole on Neck have an attractive personality and luck. These people are more into business and never faces any hardship in money and finance. They are also much interested in technology and the internet.
  • Chest-

People with mole on the right side of the chest are more prone to diseases and most of the times they remain ill or unhealthy. However, people with a birthmark on the left side of the chest are financially weak and unfortunately faces money problems throughout their life. Hence, Mole Astrology unveils the impacts of moles on person’s life.

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