Importance of Sun in business

Importance Of Sun In Business

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For determining the success in an individual’s career, it is important to understand the importance of planets. It is important to know which planet is suitable for what kind of business. This helps the individual to make the right decisions to have a successful business.

Importance Of Sun In Business

  • Sun tells about high level of businesses. Sun is the king of planets and hence, helps in knowing the power of state. Activities or professions related to state or government have influence of Sun. Strongly placed Sun is beneficial for state or government related activities. On the other hand, average Sun makes an individual state official.
  • As, Sun is a fire planet and its combination with Mars and Ketu benefits the business related to arms, restaurant, catering, and electricity. The individual takes over the family business when Sun is in relation with lord of the fifth house and lord of the ninth house.
  • Sun also plays a key role in medical field. If Sun forms relations with the medical related yogas the individual begins working as a doctor or medical practitioner.
  • Sun is also a religious planet and if it forms relations with the Jupiter or lord of ninth house, the individual is more into religious and spiritual works. He works as a pandit or head of any religious organization.
  • Sun is also related to wood. If it forms relation with the fourth house or become the lord of the fourth house, the individual is more likely to get into wood related work such as furniture manufacturing or dealership of raw wood.
  • If the Sun is weak then the individual may suffers from physical weakness and health problems. But, if the sun is strongly placed, it makes the individual highly active and full of energy. Hence, position of Sun plays a very vital role in deciding the future of an individual. Tags- Astrology, Sun, career, business, astrology prediction, astrology 2021, importance of Sun in business

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