Enemy Problem And It's Remedies

Enemy Problem And It’s Remedies

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With the increase in competition, the probability of enemies gradually increases. The enemy mostly showcase the feeling of insecurity and jealousy. Sometimes, they also behave in a terrible manner so as to overpower you. Astrology helps to tackle the problems in very effective manner. 

Reasons For Enemy Problem-

Enemy problems arise of following reasons-

  • Business rivalry 
  • Property related issues
  • Jealously issues
  • Misunderstanding 

Signs Of Enemy Problem-

There are also a lot of signs that helps you in making sure about the enemy problems-

  • Undesirable Smell
  • Constant pain in head
  • Unwanted fear
  • Sudden loss in business
  • Disturbed sleep because of nightmares
  • Hair in food etc.

Remedies To Tackle Enemy Problem-

If One faces these situations or circumstances he should definitely take some action. Following are the ways in astrology that help you tackle enemy problems-

  • Hanuman Chola

On the Krishna Parksha Tuesday or Saturday, one should offer Chola to Hanuman ji. Also recite Hanuman Chalisa 108 times in one sitting on the same day. This will work as a strong shield and hence, protect you from the enemies.

  • Burn Cloves

After taking bath, recite Hanuman Chalisa everyday along with burning two cloves . Put a tilak as it will bring a positive change in your life by using the ashes of the cloves.

If anyone is having these feelings then, take the help from the expert astrologer. He will definitely guide you in tackling the enemy problem. 


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