Career Based On Horoscope

Career Based On Horoscope

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Gone are the times when parents used to decide the career’s of their children. But, Now-a-days children decide what they actually want to do. Career’s are not only limited to engineering or medical degree, Children are exploring more options that will help them to grow on the basis of their interests and skills. Some are enterprising and starting their own startups. While others still opt for a 9 to 5 desk job. Today, careers like sports, music and painting are taken with seriousness.

Career And Horoscope-

The placement of the planets in the key Houses of  birth chart tells which career would suit the best.

  • The 1st, 2nd, 6th and 10th house indicates the career and how good the earnings will be.
  • If Mercury is well-placed in the 10th House in the birth chart, it represents quick-wits and intellect. A person will be good in careers related to numbers and logic. Careers like teaching, software, accounts and finance is the best suit.
  • If Jupiter rules the 10th House, a person should be interested in career related to treasury, finance, politics or religion.
  • If Venus is in the 10th House, one should be interested in career related to music, entertainment, art or hotel industry.
  • If Moon is the 10th House, a person would do well in careers that deal in travelling, public dealing, coastal and marine jobs or can also be a restaurateur.
  • If the planet Saturn rules the 10th House, a person flourishes in a profession related to mining or labor dominated manufacturing unit.
  • If Sun rules the 10th House, a person will have a good career in authoritative post in the Government or Corporate sector. He can also do well as a doctor and can also be a jeweler.
  • If Mars rules, it makes a person do well in military or construction related profession.

So, choosing the right career will definitely help a person to do wonders and make his/her dreams come true.


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