Remedies For Planet Jupiter

Astrological remedies to strengthen planet Jupiter

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Astrological Remedies to strengthen the Planet Jupiter 

Jupiter plays an important role in the horoscope of an individual. It symbolizes wealth, family, knowledge, and respect. If the planet Jupiter is favorable in the horoscope, it brings a long life span, good job, prosperity, and wealth. But, if it is not favorable it affects health, job, and education. 


Remedies to make Planet Jupiter strong-

Following are the remedies that will be helpful to make Lord Jupiter strong in your horoscope-

  • Saffron Tilak

After taking bath, apply a dot of Saffron Tilak at the forehead and navel every day. For breakfast, one should eat something made of saffron. At least eat a little Saffron before consuming anything else in the morning.


  • Worship

Offer prayers and perform guru puja every Thursday. Also, worshipping Guru will provide a lot of benefits to the individual. 


  • Donation

Every Thursday donate yellow pulses wrapped in a yellow cloth. Also, individuals can donate jaggery, yellow sweet, yellow flowers, banana, sandalwood, turmeric, and holy books to the temple.


  • Chanting Mantras

One should chant the Vedic Guru Mantra to prevent the unfavorable influence of Jupiter. 


  • Pukhraj Stone

After chanting religious mantras at religious places, wear a seven-colored Pukhraj stone on your finger. Hence, it is beneficial and helps in the malefic influence of Lord Jupiter 


  • Turmeric

The person having weak Jupiter in their birth chart should keep five chunks of turmeric wrapped in yellow cloth. Hence, will be Beneficial in reducing the bad influence of Planet Jupiter.


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