Astrology in Parenting

Astrology In parenting

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Being a parent is challenging though it’s one of the most beautiful bonds. Astrology in parenting plays a vital role for new parents to understand their child’s inherent potential. 

On the other hand, some people think that involving children in astrological practices can hinder their growth. It can help parents in knowing the causes of aggressive or silent behavior of their child. Hence, parents become more aware and can avoid conflicts that may arise in the future. 

Astrology and Parenting- 

Following are the methods of how to improve the effects on children- 

1.Outdoor Games– Encourage your child to play outdoor games as it makes Mars more powerful. In Vedic astrology, Mars represents confidence, courage, and self-defense. Do not let your child be confined to the interiors of the home as in this case Mars will not be favorable. Enroll your child in sports to remove the negative influence of Mars.  

2.Gayatri Mantra– Gayatri Mantra is an essential and powerful mantra and Chanting Gayatri Mantra can bring a positive change in life. Teaching Gayatri Mantra to children can make the Sun strong and hence, Strong Sun represents positive energy. 

3.Green Leafy Vegetables– Green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins, iron, and calcium. Mercury and Green have a direct connection. Consuming green vegetables will help to gain the positive influence of Mercury. Thus, it will boost the grasping power, concentration, and memory of your child.

4.Spending time with Elders– Spending time with elders also helps your child in an emotional, mental, and intellectual manner. It will remove the evil influence of Jupiter on your child’s life. 

5.Helping Others– According to Vedic Astrology, Saturn represents justice. Hence, encourage your child to help the needy to remove the negative influence of Saturn.  

So, either the relationship between a parent and child is a bit complicated and astrology will help will the parents to balance between responsibility and expectations.


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